This dream began to take form in the adolescence of our Founder, Rogéria Corrêa, when in class the group profiled to sing the Brazilian national anthem. It was at that moment, when the flag was drawn, that she lived the most beautiful dreams of this manly Brazil, hot earth, of happy people. I thought of presenting to the world, in the best possible way, the pride of being in this country and making everyone know this land so beautiful and people of good. The dream today is a reality and all our people speak and multiply what reverberated in the mind of Rogéria: “Come Know Brazil, Come Brazil”!

Our goal is to promote and invite Brazilians and foreigners to get to know Brazil and present our riches such as history, culture, natural beauties and, above all, our people!

Today we have great scope for being a national TV program, with international distribution, contemplating more than 181 countries.

With the goal of attracting more and more tourists to Brazil, we are the first country in the WORLD where the people themselves invite to know Brazil and show the country how the local citizen perceives and takes advantage of it.

Come to Brazil, Travel with People.


Mission: To present Brazil with excellence to promote Brazil to Brazilians and foreigners.


Vision: May every Brazilian make our invitation: Come Brazil!


Values: Ethics, Recognition, Respect, Pride, Transparent Communication, Confidence, Teamwork, Social and Environmental Responsibility “


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